About the study

The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of confidence building exercises and mental activities on quality of life for dogs going suddenly blind. Want to know more? Or are you interested in participating?

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Help us by filling out this questionnaire

If your dog is blind, the blindness happened suddenly (within aproximately a month from you noticed a change untill the dog was completely blind), and you can/will NOT participated in this project, we would appreciate if you would help us by filling out this questionnaire.

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The dogs participating in the study

Everyday life of the QoL dogs

Feedback from participants

  • “I imagine on my own I would have made a safe and comfortable future for Britt. And maybe her life would have been fun eventually one day. But through your words of encouragement and with the plan you developed I felt like I had tools I could use right away to improve Britt’s life and my life. You have made Britt’s blindness become just a small hiccup in our lives instead of a life-changing event. Britt is already back to her old laughing/snorting happy disposition and I am so grateful.”

    – Lenora and Britt
  • “I feel that this really brought Daisy out of her shell since going blind. She is very eager to learn. (…) She is wagging her tail again. This makes my heart happy “

    – Megan and Daisy
  • “The changes made have already begun to make a difference. Dolly moves a lot quicker and she runs, her tail wags so much more, she is with the other dogs so much more. She was taking herself off, but now she snuggles and watches them, if they are playing with a toy.(…) Dolly is certainly more alert! Dolly also engages with me much more. It is as if a switch has been flicked in her brain – so very clever”


    – Pauline and Dolly
  • “Even with 20+ years of dog training experience, I felt lost and powerless when Andi went blind. It was overwhelming. Having a plan allows me to set goals for him and give us “projects” to work on. I really enjoy reporting on his progress to my loved ones as well. The plan empowers me, and makes me feel like I’m actively “doing something” for him to keep us his quality of life”

    – Karen and Andi