About the Study

The purpose of this study:
“Blind Dogs – Quality of life” started in January 2018. The goal is to assess the impact of mentally stimulating activities and confidence building exercises on dogs that have gone suddenly blind. I also wish to give veterinarians material that enable them to give their clients with blind dogs advice on mental health. Good quality of life requires us to take care of both the physical and mental health. Eighty percent of the current participants report that they got no advice on mental health from the veterinarians who diagnosed their dogs.In time, I wish to create a confidence building and mentally stimulating program that vets and behaviour consultants can give their blind dog clients.
Criterias to join the study:
  • Newly blind dogs: been completely blind for less than six months (dogs that struggle to adapt are concidered regardless of how long they have been blind)
  • Dog went blind fairly suddenly (within a month from notocing symptoms untill the dog was completely blind)
  • Dog has no other severe health issues (Diabetes, typical SARDS symptoms such as increased thirst/hunger and fatigue, and symptoms of old age, such as muscle and joint issues, are accepted)
  • Interest and motivation to put time and effort into the dog, and into keeping me updated for at least 6 months. Average time spent on the plan each day, should be around 15-30 minutes, in addition to implementing some changes and exerisces into every day life.
  • How much time you spend updating me, will be up to you, but the minimum of updates I require are as follows:
    • The first month I will contact you every week, just to confirm you both are doing ok wih the plan, and see if there are any question.
    • After the first month i will contact you every month for an update, and schedule a follow up consultation if this is needed or wanted.
    • You will need to fill out a questionnaire every third month.
    • You are always welcome to contact me more often if you want or need to. Updates are always appreciated!
What do you get in return?
  • A customized plan to help your dogs confidence and improve your dog’s quality of life
  • Access to a behaviour consultat for free, for the whole duration of the project
  • Invitation to join our Blind Dog QoL project facebook group, where you can post updates and questions, encourage each other amd get tips and tricks from myself and others that participate.
  • Being a part of putting mental health on the agenda for pet professionals that deal with dogs that have gone suddenly blind
If you would like to join, or have questions regarding the study, please write an email to blinddogs@carinajosefine.no